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Fundraiser for the Stewarts


We currently have a client who has MS who needs assistance in building an addition to his home. We were referred by another contractor to possibly help the “Stewart’s” out.

After meeting with the “Stewart’s” we found that we were the perfect fit approximately 3 months ago. Since then we have organized many companies from “HomeStars” who generously wanted to donate their time and money to the project.

But unforntunately we need more materials and labour to complete the addition. We are requesting help from companies who want to donate product or labour to contact me ASAP 416.931.2927. We have had several fundraisers to help the “Stewart’s” raise the money and will continue til we are completed.

All Women Contractors+1 is honored to be apart of the Stewart’s family and project. Today we hit the air on CTV, Brampton SNAP, Facebook Plse see links for more info on our project to HELP the Stewart family.

HomeStars Forum

Article in Snap Brampton

Facebook Page

Thank you in advance for your support



Spending time with Mark and Arlette Stewart Fundraisers to build an fully accessible bedroom and bathroom addition to their home. Is now complete! He was able to take his first shower Christmas day after his 1st year of discovering he had Multiple.

Spending time being interviewed with CTV camera man and spokes person, a afternoon with Johnny (#1) and his lovely wife Nancy Bauer and friends and family!

God I love my work!